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Money & Business: This week's big financial news

Caledonian creditors to meet

People and companies owed money by Caledonian Bank Limited are being called together. The joint liquidators for the bank say the first meeting of Caledonian Bank creditors is being held on 16 April in the main conference room of the Marriott Hotel. Creditors must notify the liquidators three days prior to attend. The bank went into liquidation after US financial regulators started legal action after accusing the bank of being part of illegal stock trades.

CUC announces rights offering

Caribbean Utilities Company is going to its shareholders to raise cash to help fund an expansion of its power generating capacity. The company this week announced a rights offering, eligible to existing shareholders who are willing to pay US$10.77 per additional share they are willing to acquire. This is set for 27 March.

Last October CUC won a bid to generate an additional 39.7 megawatts of power to the Grand Cayman power grid.

Apple joins Dow 30

After 34 years as a publicly-traded company, Apple has finally joined one of the worlds elite stock indexes.

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